Flocculation water treatment

an efficient method to improve water quality

The selection and application of flocculants is the key to water treatment

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Our range of water treatment chemicals are specially formulated to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of water treatment processes across a variety of industries. These chemicals play a key role in treating water and wastewater, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, use and safe discharge.

Main features

Full range: Our product line includes coagulants, flocculants and more to meet different water treatment needs.

High efficiency: These chemicals treat water very efficiently, helping to remove contaminants, prevent scaling, and inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

Environmental protection: We strive for sustainable development; therefore, the water purification products we produce are based on the principle of environmental friendliness to ensure that the impact on the ecological environment is minimized. 

Customized solution: According to the needs of sewage, we can tailor corresponding solutions for customers according to their needs.

Expert Support: Our team of experts is ready to provide you with technical support and guidance to help you select the right chemicals for your water treatment process.


The water treatment products produced by the company can be used for urban water supply, industrial water supply, boiler water supply, cooling tower water supply, and industrial water supply. They help improve water quality, ensure compliance with regulations, and prevent damage caused by scale, corrosion, biological contamination, and more.

Classification:This product is divided into colloid and powder, and falls into the non- ion type and anion type according to the species (calling partly-solving water object)

Physical property
Colloid product has no color, transparent, not poisonous, and has no corrosion. Powder is white. Both can be dissolved in water, but almost dissolved in organic solvent. The product of different species, different molecular weight has different property.

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The company mainly produces and provides high-quality water treatment products, especially flocculants for water treatment.

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Welcome to WaterGuardian FlucciCo, a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality water treatment chemicals specializing in water treatment flocculants. Our extensive industrial experience, state-of-the-art products, and commitment to excellence make us proud to be the first choice for companies around the world.

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